Top Free Ambigram Generators with 5 Examples

Below, we have listed the best Ambigram Generators available. These can give you the best results by creating a beautiful art form for your logo design (or your next tattoo!)

Before we begin, what is an ambigram, and how can you design one?

Ambigrams are calligraphic designs that read the same when viewed from different directions. Most often, they can be read both upright and upside-down.

If you’re looking for a way to represent your brand duality, look no further than an ambigram.

An ambigram is a graphic design element that can be read from two different perspectives. Commonly, the first reading of the ambigram is the brand name, but when the graphic is rotated 180 degrees, the second reading is a different word.
For example, if you’re looking for a way to express your company’s personality in your logo, you might want to consider an ambigram with the words “Creative” and “Logical” so that clients know they’re getting both sides of the coin when they work with you.

There are several different kinds of ambigrams you can use to include words with limited space.

Mirror Image or Flip Ambigram

Example of a flip or mirror image ambigram – source

The first is a standard mirror image ambigram, where the word appears the same when rotated 180 degrees. These usually work best for one or two-word phrases, as longer phrases get difficult to read in this format. This is especially true if the mirror image doesn’t have many straight lines in it—for example, an “A” looks very similar upside down, but an “M” or a “W” looks very different.

Rotational Ambigram

Another kind of ambigram is a rotational ambigram. Words that can be rotated around their own axis and look the same are called rotational ambigrams. These are a bit easier to read than mirror image ones because they tend to be more symmetrical and don’t rely on inversion, but they’re also harder to create because they require symmetry on multiple axes (meaning some letters will have to be flipped and/or mirrored).

Perspective Ambigram

A third kind of ambigram is called a perspective ambigram. These are words that appear the same when looked at from different angles. Perspective ambigrams tend to be more readable than standard mirror image or rotational ambigrams because they don’t change orientation when viewed from different angles.

Examples of great ambigrams





kiloy x karl

Ready to create an ambigram?

If you have some basic knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator and are up for a challenge, designing an ambigram yourself can be fun! If not, or if you’re looking for new inspiration and ideas, there are plenty of online generators out there that can help. Our list below will help you get started on your own ambigram.

Top Ambigram Generators

Make Ambigrams”

A simple ambigram generator that allows you to choose a font style and create a simple ambigram right away.

Top Free Ambigram Generators with 5 Examples - Ambigram Generator 1

Ambigram Font Generator

A handy ambigram generator that will create an ambigram with effects and more.

Top Free Ambigram Generators with 5 Examples - Ambigram Generator 2

FlipScript Ambigram Generator

The FlipScript ambigram generator is a handy tool that lets you create a flipped ambigram quickly and conveniently.

Top Free Ambigram Generators with 5 Examples - Ambigram Generator 3

Let us know how you went creating your very own ambigram! Do you have any ambigram generator suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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