6 Common Branding Mistakes You Could Be Making

6 Common Branding Mistakes You Could Be Making - brandingmistakes 01

You’ve got your business idea, and you’re ready to start selling, but you aren’t happy with your branding, something just isn’t right.

It’s important to look professional so that your ideal customer takes you seriously. If not, you could be costing your business money by not having polished branding.

We’re here to help! Our list of the 6 top branding mistakes will help you to avoid looking unprofessional and inconsistent.

1. A poorly designed logo

First impressions are important, and your logo is often one of the first things your customer will see, so it’s very important to have a professional and well designed logo that communicates your unique offering.

If you’re not sure how to design one yourself, or need a new logo altogether, we recommend using a high quality template made by a graphic designer. You can find some great suggestions of logo templates on our blog here.

2. Low quality graphics

Pixelated images are a quick way for customer to identify your business as unprofessional. If your images are low quality, your audience will assume your product or offering is low quality.

You work hard on your business, don’t let it down by using low quality images. Check out some tutorials and guides on photo editing and correct file types.

3. Too Many Fonts

Using too many fonts can make your website look chaotic and overwhelming to your audience. Choose two to three fonts that work well together and with your branding, and use them consistently throughout your website and materials. Font Pair is a great place to find Google Fonts that work well together.

4. No Branding Consistency

When your brand is not instantly recognizable, your brand lacks consistency. Branding consistency also includes everything you do, create, and say within your business.

In order to become recognizable to your audience on any platform where they may interact with your brand, you must create a consistent brand voice by sticking to using your color scheme, fonts, logo, and voice. If your customer is confused about your business, they won’t buy your products.

5. Copying The Competition

Researching the competition helps you to understand the competition and where they have made mistakes. There is a fine line between admiring a competitor’s branding and straight up copying it.

It might be tempting to believe that some of their customers will come to you too, but it won’t work. Your business is unique, and your branding should reflect that!

6. Not knowing who your ideal customer is

If you don’t know who your target audience is, how will you be able to create a branding message that appeals to them?

Take the time to really understand what they want and need from your business. That way, when you are trying to market your business, your message isn’t diluted to suit too many people, and you can target and appeal to your ideal audience.

If you’ve made any of these branding mistakes, don’t worry! You can always head back to the drawing board and refine your brand and message to appeal to your audience. What problems are you facing with your business’ branding? Let us know in the comments below.

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