8 Do’s and Dont’s of Designing a Logo for Your Business

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Do you have a logo for your business? If not, it’s time to start designing one! A logo is the first thing that many people see when they visit your website. It can help create an emotional connection with potential customers, which makes them more likely to purchase your product or service.

Below (in no particular order) we will go over the “do’s and don’ts” of designing a logo for your business, so that you can be sure you are creating something unique for your business.

1. Don’t switch your logo design every year.

Changing your logo at the drop of a hat is not a good idea. Creating consistent brand recognition across all materials and platforms is essential for any business, meeting that goal is almost impossible if you change up your branding every other year.

So, if you change your logo too many times, you could deter your customers, and some may not even recognize your logo, which is bad for business! Try to stick to one iconic logo design that is suitable for your business.

2. Don’t use too many colors in your logo design.

This can make your logo look cluttered and unprofessional. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as if you have a very specific color scheme that is important for the company’s branding or identity; but in general it should be avoided unless there’s an extremely good reason not to!

3. Do get feedback from others.

Especially those in your ideal audience. This will help you to avoid any design mistakes that may be confusing or off-putting for your customers. It’s super easy to get caught up in the design process that you don’t notice any mistakes, and asking others what they think helps you to design a logo that is perfect for your business.

There are many places where feedback can be sought, such as social media groups or forums for your industry and target audience.

4. Don’t overuse fonts in your design.

A professional logo should employ a single, consistent font. And while using more than one font can create an appealing design, it’s best to stick with a maximum of two fonts in a logo design, otherwise your design will be too cluttered.

5. Do keep it simple, but not boring.

Keep your logo simple, but not boring! It’s important to remember that your logo is the first thing people see when they’re trying out a new product from you and if there is too much going on in one place then their eyes will be drawn all over instead of focusing where its needed most – which could lead them away before even giving your business a chance.

6. Do define and research your audience.

You want your logo to attract the right audience. Fortunately, you might have already done some research about who that audience is and how they prioritize certain things. Instead of creating a design based on what YOU like, create one that your ideal audience would like too.

7. Do sketch out your ideas for logo designs.

You can sketch out your ideas for logo designs on paper, or even in a program like Procreate or Photoshop. Sketching will help you see the different shapes and lines that make up each design before committing to one idea way too soon!

8. Don’t imitate other logo designs.

You want your company to stand out in a crowd, and you can’t do that by simply copying other brands.

Be sure to separate yourself from the competition. While it may be tempting to fall into a genre that already exists, you should resist imitation and use your own story with your own style.

Finally, do lots of research before designing anything about how logos should look so as to avoid any mistakes like the ones listed above; but also don’t forget there’s no one-size fits all solution either – every business has its own unique style that suits their individual audience.

(Psst! If you want to utilize a pre-made logo design, check out our post showcasing the Best Minimal Logo Design Templates)

Are you redesigning your current logo? What has been the most challenging part of designing a logo for your business?

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