10 Free Commercial Use Fonts For Branding


As graphic designers we’re always scouring the web for fonts that are perfect for branding and blogs. The fonts we’ve gathered here are a combination of script, handwritten, display, sans-serif and serif fonts that are perfect for use on your blog, or within your branding. They’re all free commercial use fonts , perfect for use in any project.

I wanted to showcase some of the best commercial use free fonts out there because it can be frustrating to finally find the perfect font, only to realize you can’t use it for a commercial project due to licensing. This can be tough, especially when you are just starting out in your creative business and can’t afford to buy many commercial font licenses initially.

Feel free to download the fonts below that tickle your fancy and play around with them in some of your designs. I hope you’ll find a new favourite font!

10 Free Commercial Use Fonts For Branding

NatsukiQuentinJacelinePlayfair DisplayAudreyPlaylistCasualCaviar DreamsJohn BulgarryLenaMightype Script

Disclaimer: At the time of posting, fonts featured in this post are listed as free for commercial use on their download page. Please check all licensing first before using in commercial designs.

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