7 Digital Products You Can Create In One Weekend

Digital Products

When you ask anyone about digital products, the first thing they usually think of is an e-course. They are a great way of educating your audience, but creating an e-course takes a lot of time and planning.

If you’re new to digital product creation, or just don’t have much time to work on your business, we’ve gathered 7 product ideas you can create in one weekend.

7 Digital Products You Can Create In One Weekend - video series

Video Series

If you’d like to create a digital product, a video series is a good option as it enables you to talk about a topic while also visually showing your students the steps they need to follow.

You can either talk on camera, or talk over a series of slides, offering valuable content and actionable steps in each video.

7 Digital Products You Can Create In One Weekend - audio series

Audio Series

An audio series is perfect for your audience if they spend time commuting, or take a daily run.

You can either write scripts or pull together related blog posts you’ve written on a particular topic that will help your listeners.

PDF Guides

Guides are great for teaching your audience detailed information about a specific topic. You can combine all of the relevant content, such as worksheets, tutorials, and information, into one useful guide for your audience.

7 Digital Products You Can Create In One Weekend - printable


Printables are a fantastic first digital product to create as they are often simple to design. An example of printables that you have most likely used are: checklists, food plans, weekly/monthly budget forms, cleaning routines and daily/weekly to do lists.

7 Digital Products You Can Create In One Weekend - email course

Email Course

An email course is a great product to create if you can break up your subject into daily emails that can help your audience achieve a goal over the course of a few days. You can create a mini course this way or provide insight and actionable tasks about your chosen subject.

7 Digital Products You Can Create In One Weekend - gbgb 03


You can create templates for social media, spreadsheets, email templates, resume templates, and so much more. Your template will perform well if it is helpful to your audience, so think about the needs of your customers when creating your product.

7 Digital Products You Can Create In One Weekend - masterclass webinar


If you already have the content you can record a masterclass, where you guide your audience through more detailed training on a particular subject over one longer recording. During the masterclass you can share your screen or display slides to instruct your audience and share your expertise.

These are just a few examples of quick products you can whip up over one weekend.

I’d love to hear from you, what products have you managed to create in one weekend? What ideas from today’s post are you going to start working on this weekend?

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