10 Feminine Sans-Serif Fonts


As graphic designers, we sometimes require modern fonts that also reflect the clients feminine brand style and these sans-serif fonts are perfect for modern, minimal and legible design.

If you are looking to add some elegant and feminine sans-serif fonts to your collection, we have rounded up some of our favorite premium fonts below that we personally use in our own work and are part of our own font collection.

Chloe – A Classic Typeface

A bold, gorgeous, elegant font, perfect for headlines and logo design.

Versailles | A Classic Sans

A timeless and classic sans-serif font, perfect for branding, logo design, and headlines.

Fiona – An Elegant Typeface

Fiona is a modern and elegant sans-serif typeface perfect for designs needing a sleek look or vintage flair.

Lumina | Modern Sans Serif

A modern and classy sans-serif typeface that works well with other sans-serif fonts or stands well on it’s own as a heading or editorial font.

Milan | A Vintage Sans Serif

A classic all-caps sans-serif font perfect for body text, logo design, body text and more.

Lucky | Modern Sans Serif

A classy and feminine sans-serif font that works beautifully as a headline or logo font, and it works well with other sans-serif fonts.

Naive Sans (Light weight)

An elegant, sweet, human and organic light weight font designed in Paris.

Simplicite’ – Elegant Font

An elegant and beautiful display sans-serif font with many options.


A classic style sans-serif font, perfect for headlines and logo design.

Carrol Sans (16 Fonts)

Carrol is a beautiful, classic sans-serif font with up to 3 types of alternates for each alphabet.

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